Luc Hermitte's VIM Macros Monday 22nd November 2004
I present within this part of my web site the VIM scripts I use. Some have been greatly inspired by other scripts and then customized, many are just mine and respond to my needs.

As my mappings are some how a bit more complex than similar ones you could found elsewhere, I tried to explain them as much as I could. First you will find some notes about my general configuration for my environments. BTW, there are some notes on how to emulate the (ft)plugins mechanism with VIM 5.x. Then, I present my plugins (general scripts) and my ftplugins.

Some scripts are still compatible with versions 5.x and 6.x of Vim.

Regarding the files, in the following, two versions of each file are provided : a nice and colored one and a plain text one. If you want to use my macros, you will have to download the later ones. Indeed, the graphically enhanced version of the files loose every escape sequences, and some script still have some.

Note that my scripts often rely on other ones. You will have to check the dependencies when downloading them. However, you will find in ressources/ some thematic (C&C++, e-mail, LaTeX, template-expander, etc.) tarball-archives already prepared. You can also check file by file what is present is this directory.

BTW, this site can sometimes be particulary slow and difficult to contact. So be patient and try again.

Last thing, many macros could be improved. If you have any idea, suggestion, please feel free to send me an e-mail. even to criticize my English.

Enfin, dernier truc. Vu que j'ai beaucoup de choses à décrire et à proposer -- et qu'il n'est déjà pas évident d'être à jour --, cette page ne sera maintenue qu'en anglais uniquement.

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